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Personalised Baby Shoes

Even before a baby can walk, the list of baby gift ideas that most people consider includes a pair of shoes. What could be cuter than a pair of personalised baby shoes?

Our baby shoes are embroidered with the name you choose. But that isn’t as simple as it sounds. Baby shoes are very small, and due to the complexity of the embroidery process, very few companies are able to do it – we can!

Our range of personalised baby shoes are suitable for newborn babies up to one year old. Simply order a pair of baby shoes and choose the colour and style of the text you want. Type in what you want it to say, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your words will be carefully embroidered onto the shoes before they are sent to you in a beautiful gift box. If you order two or more items from our store and have the same baby name embroidered on them, we’ll pack them in one gift box thereby creating your very own unique gift set.

The shoes come in three different sizes. 0-6 months when they make a great fashion accessory to almost any outfit. 6-12 months which is the size most babies will wear when taking their first steps. 12-18 months which bigger babies will be wearing when they start to walk and other babies will be running.

If you can’t decide which shoes will suit baby best, our most popular options are personalised navy blue baby shoes for boys, and personalised pink baby shoes for girls.

Baby Shoes