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Three diamond knitted blankets folded together

Personalised Blankets For Babies

Our range of beautiful personalised baby blankets includes many options and they all make unique baby presents. Our knitted baby blankets are now available in 11 different colours and are ideal for all seasons. They allow the air to pass through meaning the baby won’t easily over heat when sleeping under one. You can now add up to 18 characters on these blankets allowing for longer names to be embroidered. They are very high quality and you can expect to get extended daily use from them.

Shown above are our three diamond knitted blankets which are all now available again. The Personalised Brown Diamond Knitted Blanket is on top followed by the Personalised Beige Diamond Knitted Blanket  and Personalised Cream Diamond Knitted Blanket. Our diamond blankets are thicker than our regular knitted blankets, making them an excellent choice for winter. They’re perfect for ensuring your little one is kept cosy in cot, pram or car seat.

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We aim to offer the best service and personalised baby blankets possible. We are always trying to improve what we do. Please take some time to read what I customers think of our products and service. Our reviews have been collected here on, or Facebook reviews and lastly Google reviews. Our aim is for everyone to be happy 🙂

We designed our knitted blankets so they can be personalised across the top band with embroidery. Unfortunately some competitors have chosen to try and copy our blankets. These copies are lower in quality and much higher in price, please ensure that you are buying the original One Little Day knitted blanket which is only available directly from our site.

Personalised Beige Knitted Blanket embroidered with Oliver, Blaire & Henry

Custom Knitted Baby Blankets

Shown above is our Personalised Beige Knitted Blanket, embroidered with three different colours. Henry has been embroidered with Brush Script font in white. Oliver has been embroidered with Alex Brush font in brown. Blaire is also Brush Script font, in pink. Our beige knitted blanket is popular for both baby boys and girls and is available in gift sets such as our Beige Knitted Blanket, Giraffe Comforter & Shoes Baby Gift Box and Beige Knitted Blanket, Puppy Comforter & White Hooded Towel Baby Gift.

Personalised Baby Muslin Wraps

We now have seven different colours and each wrap can be personalised with two lines of text. These wraps are ideal for the warmer days, covering a pram or swaddling. Some popular colours are our Personalised Dark Pink Organic Muslin Wrap, the Personalised Green Sage Organic Muslin Wrap and our popular boy’s option the Personalised Navy Blue Organic Muslin Wrap.

Our Personalised Yellow Mustard Organic Muslin Wrap is also included with a knitted blanket in the Ocean Blue Knitted Blanket & Yellow Mustard Muslin Wrap Gift Box. A nice bright wrap with a warm knitted blanket. Another popular set is the our Personalised Yellow Mustard Muslin Wrap & Giraffe Baby Comforter which combines the mustard wrap with a cute Personalised Giraffe Baby Comforter.

Every item you purchase a personalised baby blanket it will be delivered in an attractive gift box, and if you order more than one item using the same baby name, we’ll pack them together in a larger gift box for you.


Personalised Dark Pink Organic Muslin Wrap, Personalised Rainbow & Heart Minky Blanket & Personalised White Bunny Baby Comforter

Baby Blankets Personalised With Embroidery

Displayed above are three delightful baby items for a baby girl. The large Personalised Dark Pink Organic Muslin Wrap can be used to cover a pram, as a nursing shield or to swaddle a baby. It’s been embroidered with Alex Brush font in white.  The Personalised Rainbow & Heart Minky Blanket is perfect for the upcoming winter weather and will ensure your baby is kept cosy. Both blankets can be embroidered with two lines of text. And the Personalised White Bunny Baby Comforter loves little cuddles and will quickly be cherished.

Our minky blankets feature one side with an adorable design and a plain white side with minky dots. They’re excellent for the upcoming cool weather and will ensure your baby is kept warm and cosy.

Also ideal for winter, is our Personalised White Fleece Blanket can also be embroidered with a second line of text. This blanket is luxuriously soft and a must have for the cot. This blanket is also available in gift sets such as our Giraffe Comforter & Fleece Blanket Baby Gift Box.

All items on our website can be purchased in a gift set or can be purchased individually to your own special and unique baby gift. All items will be packaged in a gift box and sent directly to your loved one’s door.

Blanket Care & Washing

All blankets are machine washable at a warm temperature (30 degrees). Do not tumble dry the knitted blankets. All blankets and towels are design for prolonged daily use. For gift boxes that includes shoes please note that the shoes are hand wash only. All products are labelled with washing instructions and are designed for Australian conditions.